Split lyrics



Split my mind
In two this time
I used it so

Got offended, probably shoulda never really got involved
All 7's like I'm Makaveli
Presence in a very close resemblance to a god
Got a fetish for the feta, fed up
Fetchin extra on my way to get the mop, I don't like to talk
Rollin up a lawn in a log, logged off, this real life, dawg

You better get the f*ck off of me

You probably wouldn't wanna swap your eyes with me
I promise it's a lot to see
I been bob & weavin' in-between 2 worlds
My eyes slitted, who gone take the Audi keys? (yeah)
Big dope, blow a lotta weed
Standin on top of polished mahogany
Who I got with me? I'm contemplating
Is it 3 Charlie's Angels or is Satan's spawn with me? (50/50, roll the dice)
Got my sh*t glued, still missin screws, don't get sh*t confused
I just hit a flip for 2 before I hit the booth in someone's livin room
Dog hoes can't ever tuck the truth, they got their muzzles loose
I'm dolie thumbin through a hunnit blues I guess that's what it's comin to
(It's a ice age)
In my iris & pectoral
(It's a heat wave)
In the back room, so the door closed
I put it on God & God put me on
Slidin down the boule' on a pus*y crawl
Bag on its' bully how it push me off the edge, dawg
You better get the f*ck off me
Get the f*ck
Get the f*ck
Get the f*ck
Get the f*ck off

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Run through freak hoes, pipe, get wreckless
Mushrooms, weed, coke, I'm Heath Ledger
f*ck you, feelings gone, eyelids a desert
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