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-the opp n*gga up hallelujah
Did it for free, I ain't give him no moola
Flock up his Uber, they can't find his shooter
Walk up on feet, I'm respected by shooters
Might use the bike, got tired of the scooters
Five point seven, I'm toting the Rooga
I only aim for the chest and medulla
Stop all the cap, (?) opps on computers
When the last time n*ggas spill sh*t
Why they be rapping like they really kill sh*t
Brodie be twirlin' with blicks in his wheelchair
You see em blazing just know that i sent it
We got the drop, they outside so we bent it
Bro on the run, he just duckin' his sentence
He left a f*ck n*gga dead in the trenches
What you think happen when steppers get mentioned?

Blicky, the blicky, the blicky
Sniper the blicky the blicky the blicky
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