Rap another verse about cars
This sh*t a facade
Get on my knees
Say a prayer
Im in need of allah
Drop bodies face down
Parking in the garage
Im a bad b*tch
On stage like nicki minaj
How the f*ck you selling
When you hide in the screen
Label got you by the neck
But its all for the streams
I come out on stage
Like im out in a dream
Think you hot but how the crowd
Gone pop when you leave
Something different
Guess im the physician
I ain't whippin dope
But i could make a bop
In the kitchen
Writing bars down
Making beats
While im doing dishes
Everybody else
Worried bout
They money and b*tches

Feeling good about my work
Send you n*ggas to church
I could make a couple bands
Just by dropping the merch
This is life baby
How the f*ck you stop when it hurt
Whether rap or not im whipping in the wok
Till im dirt
Rap a verse blindfolded
With rocks on my hands
I ain't stopping drop the music
Cuz ill die for my fans
So raw
b*tch ill rap over some pots and the pans
Terrorist tendencies
Im like osama wit bands

Came from the burgh
Thats a murder capital of new york
Ain't no acap
But boy i love to eat me some pork
n*ggas see a opportunity
Then wanna support
Kill a rapper wit a hockey mask
Like that was a sport
Put that lean down n*gga
Its a brita inside
Getting crunk inside the function
Like im brokencyde
You still rap but you got kids
n*gga handle yo life
We all numbers to the governent
And tryna survive
I remember that one time
I took some shrooms in the desert
I thought everything was f*cked
Like ill never do better
Now i got my own crib
Provolone goat and cheddar
On tour in the summer
Give f*ck bout yo header

Religion for them n*ggas who
Ain't experience hell
Im spiritual a couple months
Ago i went there myself
Now im rollin down deep
Like my name is adele
Only by gods grace
That n*gga cxrpse will excell
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