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sh*ts f*cking with me lately gotta get it off my chest, cause I miss you man, yeah

Nick Scruton, you like a one man union
You could've been the start to a movement
Or maybe you are and I can’t be arsed to start moving
Why did you do this ? I am just clueless

I wish you chose to fight
Must've been over life
The most atrocious fight
I wish you showed more signs

Two days before you chose to die you had the dopest shine
Was like a hope inside your broken mind I didn't notice signs
Wish I did would’ve helped a bro survive
Didn't know you'd cry go home that night with a rope you tied and just revoke your life

f*ck !

I just hoped when you close your eyes
You felt no pain as you floated high
Way past and over skies was it your past or emotions why
You felt the need to leave like it'll totes be fine
How the f*ck am I supposed to cope inside
As time flies over I still see your mum twice a week in my scope of sight
And ill see you when I close my eyes
My minds like the dentist open wide
And you've shown me signs to devote my life
To the flow and lines microphone and rhymes
I gave a bro your zippo light and watched him cry
I still got your knife I keep it safe at night

Remember your shoebox full of writtens
I wanted you just to start spitting
But you chose to stop living
Before we flew off into the vision
We had the same views of the system
Was it your escape route the only way you could just break through your mental prison
Did I betray you cause I'm living
f*ck i miss you Nick thank you for what you've given

f*ck I miss you man
All the f*cking memories, one more drink, just one more f*cking time where we could spit one more f*cking line that's all I ask for
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