Lost Soul lyrics


Yung Bob

How do you feel
I was thinking of the moments we had
I wish you were here but
You been working so hard to stay away
You don’t understand what that’s doing to me
This sh*t becoming to much to take
It will all be okay…..

I don’t need anyone to tell me I’m fine or is cause I got nowhere else to hide
I have this feeling that I might die but f*ck these feelings let just enjoy this night
I had to bust my ass to get to where I am that’s why it made me sad when they said what you did
Girl f*ck the past I can’t go through that sh*t again now I’m just stuck inside my mind and my head f*ck all of my friends these feelings get so suppressed when I start taking these xans no longer care what they said I really wish I was dead my heart got ripped out my chest and it will never be back again just know that if my mental wins I had I to Fight to f*cking live this long

But I’m giving up now ay don’t give a f*ck bout she say
The feelings gone now ay to get up and do anything
Just hit the bong now ay so I can write another script
Hoping that you listen to it Because nobody ever did
Now I cry and cut my wrist and wonder why do I exist
Only time I felt alive when I was laying in your crib why did you lie and say you loved me when you knew your never did
If I survive this suicide attempt again will you still wait cause nothings ever gonna change and everyday is just pain I wake up nothings the same oh my god this sh*t I can’t take
I swear to god I’ll grew this gun and put a bullet in my Brain f*ck everyone and f*ck the fame I’m done you see it on my face

It hurt when you told me I never did enough
Now when you call me no one will pick it up “yea”
They hating on me but girl who gives a f*ck
At least I did something that no one’s ever done “yea”
But all of these feelings they keep surrounding her
You lied for a reason when you went out with her “damn”
Your sleeping I’m dreaming and now you down and hurt
I’m running I’m leaving I’m getting out of here
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