[Hook: Gucci Mane]
Baby, you don't have to treat me all anti
Why you wanna put me on standby?
I can't lie, girl you're hotter than a campfire
We can stay up all night like vampires
Complement each other like burgers and french fries
In the last minute I done thought about you ten times
Fine on the out but she pretty on the inside
And every since she left it's like my heart died

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Baby I think you can bring out Gucci's other side
She said, "How you don't you trust me, you did a homicide?"
Then said, "I got a boyfriend who I can't put aside
Even though the grass so much greener on the other side."
And every man like what he can't have
It's funny but I came back
Baby girl so bad, diss me but I ain't mad
Why you wanna tease me?
You should wanna squeeze me
Homie ain't the kid, baby he could never be me
How you wanna go and act anti-social
Bet your man don't know you like I know you, so true
Maybe one day babe you gon get your mind right
And if you looking for me you can find me in Atlanta


[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
(Well damn!)
Once upon a time a long time ago
I had a b*tch but she felt she had to let me go
Called me and then she came by and said, "sh*t
Yeah you got talent but I'm a bad b*tch."
But now when I see her shorty whole swag switched
I walk right by her like she don't exist
Her car broke down and it can't get fixed
Her swag broke down and her bag counterfeit
(Well damn!)
That's not Gucci, baby that's floochy
Remember 2000 you was acting all booshie
9 years later and you're best friend choosing
I scooped her in my phantom and I took her to the movies
Gucci don't gotta act anti
Told her she can have me when she want,that's when she fantasized
Told her I can't talk to her cause I got that man pride
Ever since I left baby girl told me her heart died (Gucci!)


[Verse 3: Mylah]
Excuse me if I sound a little crazy
But just wanna be good to my baby
Cause he been holding me down
And putting it down
He give me everything I don't need no one around
But you're saying you can give it to me better
Get me hot like it's July and I'm rocking a sweater
Just for hitting the road
Would you women let go
Say you got 20/20
Her man's 2004
Maybe I'll give you a try
And keep it low
I could let you ride
Something like a test drive
See baby I ain't so anti


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