"Street Team"

Listen man
This here is some gangsta sh*t you know?
Real thorough see
Hood sh*t
Double R sh*t n*gga
The best of the best…….. street team
You know what it is or how it is

Motherf*ckers want to act now
Keep toast by the waist now
Got a block full of crack now
Still got to hold the hood down
Little Chickens want to run around di*ked down
Got a clip for the full pound
That will put your ass under the ground
With a thunderous sound
Send heat through your goose down
Then I'm blow cool day
All over your body
Ride or die with me today
And when I cook that shook that
Ran a roll back
In an all black
360 doing 160
Head like sticking move manually
She want to know what my stamina be
Told the chick real gangstas hard to please
Stash hard in the Honda seats
You got to know how to game a freak
Especially when you pimp to eat
You got to pop that thing
Put her ass to sleep
Better c*ck that thing cause the wolves will creep
n*ggas think they hot ain't felt the heat
Cross spit that sh*t that will melt the street
c*cksucker heres a pack come pump for me
Double R in a cell you can't f*ck with me

You don't want to f*ck with me
Y'all n*ggas know who I am
Catch you in the parking lot
Pull out and pop your top
Somebodys got to drop
So what you want to do?
You can not hide from me
My n*ggas is coming for you

Three O'clock on the dot when I plan to plot
Ran up in the smoke spot wanna buy a lot
Hurry Up, sh*t is hot
Can't f*ck with me
Kill drama and three's company for bumping me
All my n*ggas own real estate
My money can't estimate
On the rollie you can't tell the time or the day, and date
Hop your b*tch ass back in the Escalade
Before you make things escalate
Pull out, make his man run on him and he had a gun on him
Bust a U then make the right
To cut through the gas station and take the light
Can't tell me ruff ryders don't make it tight
Got to wonder what a Harlem n*ggas life is like
And I transport keys if the price is right
Then ride back through your hood on a mountain bike
Got bullets that will go through your stomach
Then come out your head
I'm Infrared
You ain't know
I'm about this bread
And I wonder what your family gonna do when they pronounce you dead
Then come through your hood with Gucci timbs on
In the six with the rims on
Getting head from a bad redbone b*tch
That don't mind switching
Like to f*ck with her timbs on


On my block there won't be no coping the bank and depositing the sh*t
You get my drift?
Anything sold I want to get a bank roll
You motherf*ckers don't want to see these things blow
Have you like Neptunes oh no
When I pull the four-four
Look at the hole that you fell in
I got to spin around to keep the shells in
I ma blast to keep the smell in
Bet you know now, when I rap fast
I might as well slooooww down
I mean I love when I spin Porsche to hold my horse like
Whooaaa now
How many n*ggas think they can ruff ryde
Because y'all puff lye
Thinking y'all a tough guy
I'm a slim n*gga so I'm a make you duck by
Like whoa, listen to a fly bye
Like ch-ch-chhh
n*gga why cry?
Don't give a f*ck where your soul want to go
All I care is when I toss this sh*t, where they gonna go
Watch where this bullet go, past n*ggas
I'm sick of y'all warm-floor ass n*ggas
Don't got to pump no more passing the picture
While I'm at your funeral just passing your picture
I ain't bad as me
Chorus 2x
You don't want to f*ck with me 4x

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