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Lil Baby

Lyrics from Snippet

Runnin' up money, I'm sum like an athlete
Hit a superstar sittin' in the backseat
I don't know your baby mama, don't ask me
She a pretty girl, but she get nasty
Know how it go, I can't put nothin' past me
They gon' do what you want when your cash grow
You get free let me know we can catch up
Baby off the tightrope like it's wrestling
Don't even know her and bought her a bag
He can't f*ck with me, i know why he mad
She can't forget me, I gave her swag
Mama want jag, so I bought her a jag
Big Loui duffle, this not for the fashion
Oversize jacket to cover my ratchet
Been out here poppin', I'm not just a rapper
Never did fraud but I'm makin' transactions
Oh, I done been on it for a couple years
Didn't like her teeth, I bought her some veneers
Thought I was somethin' to play with, but I'm serious
I took my circ*mstance and worked a miracle
I spent nine hundred thousands on this vehicle
Long as she don't run her mouth, then I can deal with her
You got a little motion, you can build it up
I'm on another level, I don't be with them
Cut all my hoes for a month, I been fastin'
He think he bigger than me, ha, I'm laughing
Baby gon' show 'em the way, made a path
Everything new, leave the past in the past
These b*tches tellin' when nobody asked
You know the rule where I'm askin', I'm crash'
First I was coolin' it, now I'm gettin'
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