Take Advantage lyrics


Matt Ox

[Verse 1: Matt Ox]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I gotta take advantage of the situation (Situation)
I can't wait a second, I can't wait a minute (Wait, wait)
I be feel like too much damn anticipation ('Ticipation)
It's been getting hectic, I just started tripping (Trip, trip)
We been keeping that protected with a lethal weapon (Lethal weapon)
My paths just recollect, now I can see my vision (See my vision)
They tried to say that I was dead until I reinvented (Reinvented)

[Verse 2: Lancey Foux]
Riding on a baddie, put the B in Benz (Uh)
Stevie Wonder shades, I can see it's them
Rock a outfit, make the news, it go CNN (Yеah, chyeah)
Put that Canada on the goose, I been freezin' 'еm
They been capping in the truth, it's irrelevant (It's irrelevant, uh)
They been f*cking up with who? They been celibate (Chyeah, chyeah)
I'm tryna hit her in the office like the president, uh (Huh?)
I'm tryna push up on her friend 'cause she look better than her (Chyeah)
I teach you how to keep it G, I start a seminar up
I dropped some ice inside the red and I December the cup
My gang gon' move like some assassins, they remember it's us
And they think I'm doing magic way I summon the bucks (Shine)

[Verse 3: Matt Ox]
Go, go, go (Go, go)
I'm on go, man, you moving slow (Slow, go)
I'm with the bro-bros doing the most (Most, oh)
When I'm riding solo, stay on the low (Low, oh)
They tried to take my soul (Soul)
I couldn't even cope (Cope)
I couldn't even cope (Cope)
I couldn't even joke with it (Joke)
I couldn't even joke
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