Pull Up* lyrics


Ray Vaughn

Lyrics from snippet

Pull up, hop out, [?] down, boom (boom)
Send her a [?] emoji, I mean I'ma f*ck her infront of the [?]
My [?], and n*gga talk crazy, can put in a tomb
[?], but he's still a [?], [?] sticks, might jump in a [?]
I [?] them seventy six
[?] in the mud now, y'all [?] just like [?]
All of my exes are happy so with that I mean
That mean I ain't got nothing to fix
[?] out of pocket, she tryna get picked
(switch) [?], you don't even [?]
Ayy, pee on the wrist with a [?]
[?] group on black, with this [?] like [?]
Ayy, [?], real shooters
Go and make your death bed
All of you-
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