Uncle Ric lyrics


Benny The Butcher

[Intro: Dave East]
This real life
Change the way you look at sh*t, you know?
I promise, uh
(La Musica de Harry Fraud)

[Verse 1: Dave East]
We really took a trip to see what's goin' on
Back and forth with n*ggas when it was goin' wrong, I'd never put that on a song (Never)
Drinkin' water, thoughts of gettin' rich, I think of Porter (Porter)
Really thought that I'd get rich off a dime 'fore I seen a quarter
Tell me what you know about it? The lobby crowded, we in public housing
The government assistin' it, every day it's some different sh*t (Every day)
The cameras ain't the only witnessin', n*ggas talkin'
You get a job, might get a chеck, you wanna trap, might get a coffin (Yeah)
When that papеr flowin', party for a month straight like Rick James (Rick James)
The feds is asking 'bout him, I just know 'em by his nickname (I don't know)
It wasn't for this COVID sh*t, I'd probably be at the Knicks game (Right there)
On the floor next to Spike Lee and a big chain, know that Masi made it
Your man a rat, my only question is how you tolerate it?
I'm always gon' give back to the struggle 'cause I feel obligated
n*ggas ain't wanna make a change until they heard Obama say it
My uncle did forty years for nothin', just got exonerated (Uncle Ric)

[Bridge: Inaudible Sample & Benny the Butcher]
The Butcher comin', n*gga
Pablo and the Butcher, uh
[Verse 2: Benny the Butcher]
They tell us lies and stare in our faces (Faces)
But I ain't scared, I'ma say it, n*ggas took our manual, tearin' out pages (I know)
Put us on lists and comparin' our greatness
But I'm like Mike, I feel like n*ggas couldn't ball in the era I played in
Still on the pavement, the hood gon' cheer for the gangsters
A miracle I made it, three albums up and six zeroes later
I'm still goin' up, but what I get for doin' y'all heroes favors? (What the f*ck I get?)
Nothin', the same sh*t I gave federal interrogators
Y'all scared of paper, y'all run the plug on for y'all need of paper
Eyes closed, I can count from the sound when I hear the paper (Damn)
It's the Butcher, you know my verse a classic if Harry made it (Uh-huh)
Old karma, give y'all n*ggas bad luck like a mirror breakin'
Heroin deals, bricks weighin', background, my lyrics playin'
Just loud enough so nobody hear what they sayin' (Uh-huh)
Ask your label where is your advance (Where it's at?), sittin' here on my hands (It's right here, n*gga)
Y'all n*ggas just trash or y'all got terrible fans, huh (Huh)

[Outro: Inaudible Sample & Benny the Butcher]
Pablo and the Butcher, uh
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