"So Much Money"

[Hook x2]
Thumbin' through so much money, thumbin' through so much money, thumbin' through so much money, that I need three hands to count it
Thumbin' through so much money, so, s-so much money, thumbin' through so much money that I need three hands to count it

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
I woke up in a Bugatti, and parked it by my Ferrari
Took my Rolex and chopped it and stuffed it in my Buggari
I got your b*tch on a Molly, she ride me like a Ducati
If giving head was a college, she would be summa c*m laude
She treat my di*k like a pistol, I treat her face like a target
I told em "Bandz A Make Her Dance," I turned my head, that sh*t charted
Black matte Aston Martin, my hood gives Koopsta apartments
Lambo didn't come with no key, I push a button to start it

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Say Juicy J must know magic, all these invisible sets
I put kush in my lungs and leather seats in my jet
I got a gold-plated toilet, my n*gga, I'm rich as sh*t
And I would carry a wallet but all my money won't fit
I drop the bag in Miami, and Ferragamo'd my b*tch
A couple of bands for her heels, a couple more for her tits
b*tch I got money and shooters don't make me pay for the hit
They wipe your ass off the planet like you ain't never exist

[Hook x2]

I'm countin' so much money, dollar signs all I see
I might go buy me an island and fly your b*tch to my D
I got that old school Chevy with crocodile on my seat
And I still run with them wolves, yeah b*tch I'm a beast
I spent the rack 'fore I knew it, and that was just on my feet
This b*tch is stupid as f*ck but on that Molly she geek
She like "It's Christmas in May", I'm 'bout to roll up a wreath
And I'm so cold on these hoes but I still carry that heat

[Hook x2]

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