Ain’t That The Truth lyrics



[Verse 1 — Nicky Gwiggs]
What can I say, man, life's beautiful
Dropped a mixed tape last week, now it's back to the usual
Got [?] inside the studio, f*ck rap, I'm trying to make a musical
And land a movie role, I can get used to those
Getting into places only [?] and Tom Cruise can go
But I do suppose, I would miss doing shows and show these quote-unquote [?]
I'm back to middle finger flipping
You back to doing nothing with your life living
Yeah, I'm back to dropping cold hooks like I'm ice fishing
Mixing [?] content that your [?] missing
Buying drinks, white women, take some time off, that's just how I might spend it
Getting better while you get offended
But I just hope you get the message
Because I'm a prophet for profit, whose taking probable caution
Who probably could never stop it, don't leave no problem to process
'Cause your whole posse is pus*y, while my position is power
You're getting done in a week, what I'm getting done in an hour
Word, heavy hussle is the strategy, cause once you stop working then you're dead like a battery
Why you so mad at me? A hater is just a casualty
And I just make them all disappear magically, poof
Every beat I kill is proof
I feeling like the modern-day Zeus if he produced
And this next dude, I don't even need to introduce
But Karizma, show em what you do
[Verse 2 — Call Me Karizma]
Yeah, I used to be the type of kid that got worried
Now I don't give a damn how I tweet like a birdy
Nerdy on the mic, dirty with the girly
[?] the legend of Halloween coming home early
I'm a bad news [?]
Rap, who cares, I make music in the lab just to have you scared
Oh, and last year I did a show with Asher, cool
Gained two fans, now it's back to school
I'm not growing a fan-base alone in my damn basement
Day-dream, they think no one can stand hate
But I have and it ain't going to leave me
Your girl's not a sl*t, I'm just taking her easy
Me and Nicky Gwiggs go way back when the great rap wasn't this pay crap they say passion
They really had a message, they weren't afraid to say it
You had to pay attention it didn't matter if you made it

It's all for the love of the ride
If you ain't there when I'm done you're nothing but lies
And before I check out [?]
f*ck this whole it's worth nothing but time
Ain't that the truth
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