Unstoppable lyrics


Forgiato Blow

(Chorus - Forgiato Blow)
Just keep it poppin' baby
And we'll be poppin', baby
Just keep that f*cking pus*y poppin' baby

(Verse 1 - Forgiato Blow)
I'm Unstoppable Wit 'it
Yeah she won't leave me alone

(Chorus - Forgiato Blow)

(Verse 2 - GasMask Man)
Unstoppable - moving at the speed of light
Smoking, sniffing - swiping right
Talkin wit u is outta sight
Then do some more lines and f*ck all night
A one night stand but we fall in love
I can be the hand and you can be the glove
Yeah I’ll come to your destination
Won’t leave until post-penetration
Got two Jasmines on my shoulder
Smoking that weed like we in Boulder
This threeway is All That
Lean over baby / get on my lap
Won’t have to breathe when I’m down there like a space cadet
I’m that gorilla di*k god - I make dyke pus*y wet
Stay with me as we go all the way to the top
You make me hard as a motherf*cking rock
Like Nancy Reagan - you can be my first girl
As we take over the corporate world
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