RIN - Sado - A COLORS SHOW (English Translation) lyrics


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(This is the world that you know, know, know, know)

Okay, first and foremost, I wanted to say something today
I push twenty gold [ones] throughout German streets
Champion-Ring, Champion-Food, Champion-Chips
I impregnate this game, you are the kids
Lieberberg in CC
Briegmann in CC
Many want to meet us
Gold cross over vest
I celebrate Sheen, I celebrate Chaplin
All real, no cappin'
Take the stairs - Led Zeppelin
Your girl says I'm the one you're not
I give gifts to more people in December like the Christkind
Is Alexis in the kitchen it gets toxic
And we come back with an album, you are worthless
Green tea, green tea
Canapés, canapés
My watch Genoese
My Gelato Calabrese
I get it all started
Midas touch my throat
Wide view like a television (Yes)
Add together, show me everything you've got on
Hide behind your gimmicks because you're afraid
Kanaks get your whole image with the pump-gun
And meanwhile you lie around and smoke your Ganja
My first shot last night quickly missed
Richard-Lampert-Shelf wasn't even the beginning
I don't need a car, no chain, no stacks
I'm the same, I'll go offline off the net
It goes quickly, a few DMs, she's gone
You can f*ck me, are you writing your Text yourself?
I believe in God and mute the rest today
I'm back in the Kitchen, and I'm chilling with the Chefs
I think you forgot who's at the mic
I have a glimpse into every scene in this world
I don't want a fee, I want you to involve me
Ljubav-Ashtray sits on the wooden desk
Free Throw, Free Throw
Free Smoke, Free Smoke
Take off - Heathrow
Album like the Keynote
I only send emotes
OG like Keemo
In the end I want to say something again quickly
I have pain in my back from carrying
This game and the fish that ask me
"How much does the watch cost and how much does this car cost?"
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