EBay lyrics



Verse 1 (Dawg Earz):
Got this couch from my grandma it's real nice
But I didn't like it so I sold it for the right price
Also got some jewelry with some Rubies
Sell for so much feels like I'm in a movie
I'm getting so rich that it ain't even funny
Feel like a rap star cause I got all this money
Post some junk going once twice sold
Making so many dollars this will never get old

And you know where I get them
I'm selling on eBay

Verse 2 (Quinntillion):
Got so many dollars got so much bling
Found some wood with a hole in it sold it as a gold ring
People think they're buying swag but there really buying trash
So you can call me Johnny because I got so much cash
Found a random chair said it was Mozart's music stand
Put it on eBay sold for five grand
You might say I'm a fraud you might say I'm low
But I could start a bakery with all of this dough

And you know where I get it
I'm selling on eBay
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