"To Kill a Mockingbird"

[Verse 1: LIL OOZING]
It's that night-time
Opposite of nickel and dime, prime suspect
I'm not upset, you copy that style of mine
I smile at you mimes
You trying to be like that motherf*cking shadow of mine
It's just a matter of time until I grab the 9
Now watch my brain matter splatter and shine
Shatter what matters
What's all that clatter?
That's the sound of my pockets getting fatter
Licking the batter
I'm 'bout to bake a cake
For f*ck's sake, all you f*ckboys need to learn from your mistakes
Go jump in a lake with a brick tied to your foot
Burning these boys, b*tch
I'm black from the soot

[Verse 2: YUNG CHRIST]
They all wanna sound like us
They all wanna act like us
They all tryna look like us
Even tryna rap like us
Talking that triple 6
Talking that devil sh*t
But be careful what you say and be careful where you play
Because everyone know I sold my soul for this sh*t, hoe
You can keep your remix
Sounding more sh*tty than a pre-mix
$uicide coming with the new sound
It's all the same sh*t in this town
Don't even see your name in the newsfeed
How you think you gonna go and affect me
Bass in the trunk
Song in your head
The reason the people be claiming they dead
f*ck your life and your pipe dream
Might wanna watch what you say
Hop off the di*k and go try and figure out how to get more than 300 plays, b*tch

[Verse 3: Na$ty Matt]
You been working for the man doing all that you can
I been f*cking b*tches, I been flexing dirty Vans
Who's your favorite rapper? Bet I'm serving them
Murder them cause I ain't ever heard of them
You a b*tch
You ain't sh*t but a f*cking lick
You ain't qualified to wash my mother f*cking di*k?
Mother f*cker like me can't be taught
Mother f*cker like me can't be bought
Come f*cking with me and I'll take you off
Claiming who it be but your ass is soft
Coming straight off of the block
There when the sh*t got hot
Coming straight from where you not
Come round here bet your ass get dropped
Came straight from the drug dealers
Came straight from the cap peelers
Came straight from the real killers
Leave you wrapped up like caterpillars

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