"Clouds as Witnesses"

Staring at the water, looking like a bunch of satin
Look into my eyes and all you see is motherf*cking static
Toe tagging, b*tch
I'm bagging up the dope, no ratting to the po'
Actin' like you shy, readin' the Latin quote across my f*cking throat
Hoes go, "Oh no, heard this motherf*cker likes to give burials
And I don't know if I want to go with him, he invited me into his home"
Gave her the number to my phone
Told her dial-up "666" if she need to get a hold of me
And hopefully
She'll give me a call when she is home and free and lonely
Phone rang twice, but I missed both calls
I was hanging in the hall, toll-free

Got a pocket fulla' stones, watching Game of Thrones
b*tches on the phone, telling me she home alone
Motherf*ck a future, countin' down 'till I die
Days roll by, I just wanna get high
Never-ever sober, need drugs for my composure
Lookin' like I'm dyin', laying back on the sofa
Six feet deep, three gold teeth
Zero f*cking hopes for this young tragedy
Days of our lives, watch 'em roll by
Whole f*cking family got bloodshot eyes
Scripts in the kitchen right next to the dishes
Finger f*ckin' b*tches listening to No Limit
West Bank Soulja, straight up out the NOLA
When it come to this sh*t, ain't a motherf*cker colder

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