Master P


305 sh*t n*gga
Yeah go head act like you don't know
Good Luck

[Verse 1]
My n*ggas is locked up and don't even ask what he in fo'
Beno don't play but Nintendo
Im owning this Benz and this sh*t is a Rental
Im the only one rapping
All my n*ggas is still trapping
Ha ha ha to the bank n*gga that was last week and I'm still laughing
All off a check hoe
Im inking these deals off a pencil
These n*ggas is talking I'm being neglectful
I f*cked your BM just to be disrespectful
Don't try me my n*gga you said you was loyal don't lie to me n*gga
We put in work when the money was low now I come by don't even say Hi to these n*ggas
Ungrateful ass man I hate y'all n*ggas
If it wasn't for rap and I had an AK I would spray y'all n*ggas
But Im tricking off in this hoe
I come up
Aha, Okay, Whats up? SHUT UP!

Balmain hoe thats all I know (Im just so disrespectful)
Brought my b*tch just to sh*t on yours (Im just so disrespectful)
Don Cs on y'all snake n*ggas (Im just being disrespectful)
Rose on y'all fake n*ggas (Im just being disrespectful)
Im tricking off on your baby momma (Im just so disrespectful)
I bought that b*tch every designer (Im just so disrespectful)
She gave me top in that whip (Im just being disrespectful)
Yo b*tch in love with my clique (Im just being disrespectful)

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