Lupe Fiasco

"Jedi Mind Tricks"

They tryin' to censor the influencer
Just makes me sicker, influenza, yeah
I'll abide by the censorship
Soon as they ride I'll get back on my n*gga sh*t
Can't reverse
The boy-game Advanced, complete the genesis
I've broke bread with societies menaces
I've dedicated sentences to the dead, and said hold your heads to my n*ggas doin’ sentences
I send condolences to the victims but, threats to the witnesses
On my path I was facing a paragraph, myself
So they sentiments is felt
When you hate your own and discriminate of self
In a cell gotta make your home, coz you might never make it home
Suicide on your side might commit it with your belt
Keep your pants on homie
Streets are damn so lonely, like only
A bunch of n*ggas won’t help, nah
That’s the enemy of stealth
Plus if they get caught how you gonna keep your heart fatigue
The hustler’s diet is the enemy of health, give you heart disease
Arteries hard but its hard to leave the bread alone
Aren’t we hard headed, headed for harm, but don’t fret it homes
From the twist tied to the butt
We be rippin’ it up
From the horror to the cure, don’t force the issue
To you my n*ggas in the war, may the force be with you

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