Lupe Fiasco


[Intro Gemstones + Sarah Green]
(Yeah) Aye, Can I get a second of your time
I know the mixtape fire and all, I know, I know you all was into it
But I just need to stop y'all for a second (Gemstones)
Um, We going to do this little thing called Skeletons (Sarah Green)
Where we going to pull some skeletons out the closet
No no where you going? Sit back down. Come here let me talk to you for a second

[Verse 1: Gemstones]
You lock that washroom door, you walk over to that mirror don't you?
All you see is troubles and rain
You drift off so deep in thought sometimes you get lost
You unproud of what you became
You was raised without a daddy, you really not happy
You only smile to cover the rain
Let me get it right, it's a person in your life that you love
But for some reason they don't love you the same
You want to get up out the game, you want to tell him how you feel but he'll depict you as lame
Your credit screwed ain't it? You done burnt up your name
You jealous of your friend and hope he do the same
Your uncle used to touch you didn't he?
And you feel like you're to blame
You prolly want to tell, but you prolly to ashamed
Your friends got you hitting stains
You sleeping on an L , you snatching n*ggas chains
Got skeletons that you'll forever retain
They deep inside your closet what will forever remain
Got a jealous demon that run deep in your veins
You get it from your mother, who got it from her dame
That got it from her father, who got it from the grain
You let n*ggas run trains
You out here busting down for sneakers with brand names

[Hook: Sarah Green]
You've got skeletons in your closet
Do they chase you all around the room?
You've got skeletons in your, in your closet

[Gemstones: Verse 2]
You running from yourself ain't you? That's why you rolling that Dutch
You put knives to your wrist, you want it opened and cut
You just scared that if you cross over from such, them pearly gates he might not open them up
Your girlfriend be getting ran don't she? You know she a sl*t
Want to leave but you love her too much
You prolly got a man don't you? you take it up the butt
You would never tell a soul, you keep it on the tuck
You sold your soul for a buck
You hate the man in the mirror, see him and want to duck
Would pop a pill and kill him but really ain't got the nuts
So you pray that God will forgive and deliver him cause its rough
Your liver gone cause you a lush
Need to see a doctor, your p*nis dripping puss
Condoms in your wallet, and you still don't wrap it up
Now she don't know she got it, and you don't give a -- nothing
You feel like giving up
Worlds on your shoulders, you wish you had nuts
I'm talking to whoever's listening to this cut
Skeletons in your closet and I'm here to dig them up

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