Lupe Fiasco

"Hold Up"

[Hook: Trae Tha Truth]
I’m feeling like I’m fly as f*ck, no planes
Yelling where them haters at, ain’t nothing changed
Still talking white bricks, cocaine
In the club with one hundred racks, I’m just saying
Yeah b*tch I might
(Hold up(x6) Yeah)(x2)

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
I’m just saying, hold up
California ‘rari b*tch top just fold up
n*gga with an attitude Michael Kors polo
Top’ll get to popping  make them freeze up like a photo
Nightmares about the feds smelling like Hermes
Black with a check now you Cortez
The exorcist n*gga when I roll it turn heads
Put some Ninas ‘til they froze like staring at Medusa hair
You see me in these streets on these beats
With them hoes of the kitchen
A pus*y n*gga think different pus*y n*gga tripping
It’s Jizzle from the bottom die a legend out this b*tch
I get to whipping up that fo’ and get a seven out that b*tch

[Hook: Trae Tha Truth]

[Verse 2: Trae Tha Truth]
King of the streets, it’s when it drops I’m startin’
b*tch I ball for the city just like my last name Harden
So much green inside the trunk it should’ve stayed in the garden
All I do is pay the price never ask what they charging
I pull up on your b*tch and repossess her like you owe that
Put her in a flick and display her like she was Kodak
King motherf*cker I’m classic like I was throwback
This ain’t what you want pus*y n*gga, you better know that
Too deep in this ‘rari, something blowing like Bob Marley
Hit my youngin’ with a chopper Tell him ride like Harley
I do this for my n*ggas in the city of the slow sh*t
Well they pulled up and they bang something
Them laws come we don’t know sh*t
Street n*gga problems, we don’t never duck ‘em
I’m an as*h*le, Trae forever young and f*ck ‘em
Nuts hanging to the point it ain’t no where to stuff ‘em
I let my chain play n*gga, I don’t ever tuck ‘em

[Hook: Trae Tha Truth]

[Verse 3: T.I.]
Jays in the yard, Ki’s in the kitchen
AKs’ in the closet a quarter million in the ceiling
All the yay we distributing no wonder how they never caught me
All I gotta say is pay your taxes pay your lawyer fee
Think im runnin’ round a n*gga, I know the mayor I can call it
Yeah that’s above the law call it what you call it
Don’t take no sh*t ’cause I ain’t no toilet
See me shawty you see me ballin’!
I pulled up, hopped out sharp as sh*t
Rolls Royce so big can’t park the sh*t
You ain’t ’bout that life quit startin’ sh*t
Cause we ain’t gon’ wanna hear that "I'm sorry" sh*t


[Outro: Diddy]
Ay yo, ABN
Trae The Truth
Kings, baby
I got stadium place, b*tches
And I ain’t just talkin’ to women neither

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