Lupe Fiasco

"Get Sum Gwop"

[Intro] [RondoNumbaNine]
Gang sh*t man
My n*ggas on that gang way
Ain't no open slots
Cdai, got 22 shots
Chasin' gwop
Steve Drive

[Hook] x2 [RondoNumbaNine]
I'm with the gang, and a couple thots
I'm in this foreign, trynna get some gwop
Try to take my sh*t, a n*gga get shot
It's me and my n*gga's ain't no open slots

[Verse 1] [RondoNumbaNine]
It's just me and my n*ggas ain't no open slots
Smoking in a Dutch I do this sh*t a lot
Don't try to f*cking play me boy I got my Glock
I'm going f*cking crazy steady up a notch
She all on my di*k cause I'm f*cking hot
But this that Rondo sh*t, and you out the box
Picking out up on me, no I can't stop
Since they killed my homie, I been tryna pop
A deal on the way a n*gga can't flop
Your b*tch all on me, she trynna give me top
I'm flyin' in this coup turn it up a notch
He say he 'gon shoot but I know he not

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2] [Cdai]
I'm tryna get this gwuap, don't give a f*ck about no b*tch
And if an opp get up in my lane, he gon' get this f*cking clip
O6O that's Steve Drive, see a opp and he die
I ain't lyin', bullets flying, n*ggas hide
Where they at, I'm on they ass, so where they at
Is that your b*tch, I just want neck
Give her sex just for her check
Then it's on to the next
That's just that, that's just that
Got this tec up on my neck
And I'm wit' my mans you can get wet
You and your mans who they'll wet
I ain't playin' I do this sh*t
I ain't playin' I do this sh*t
Come through on your f*cking block
Wit the mops like ruler clips
Get the poppin', shootin' sh*t
For that bag, that mulla b*tch
For that bag, that mulla b*tch
Leave him stink like sewage sh*t

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