Lupe Fiasco

"The Birth Of....."

(It's a baby)

And that's when God made you, only God punishes you, because I feel like it's too much money here, nobody should hit the lotto for 36 million and we've got people starving in the streets, that is not idealistic, that's real, this is stupid, there's no way Michael Jackson or whoever Jackson should have a million thousand trouplebillion dollars, and there's people starving, there's no way, there's no way, that these people should have planes and people don't have houses, apartments, shacks, draws, pants. I know you rich, I know you got 40 billion dollars but can you just keep it to one house, you only need one house, and if you only got two kids can you just keep it to two rooms, I mean why have 52 rooms and know there's somebody with no rooms? It just don't make sense to me, it don't, and then these people celebrate Christmas, they got big trees, huge trees, all the little trimmin's, everybody got gifts, and then somebody got nothing. They have the great Christmas, egg nog and the whole lot, that's not fair. I think that when there's hopelessness, people revolt, because it's like there's nothing, there's like you know we're goin', it all comes down to gotta survive. We gotta survive here in this country. White folks, Black folks, Korean folks, Mexican folk, Puerto Rican, we gotta understand each other, we gotta take, take a bigger chance. And when I say Americans, people think I'm talkin' about Uncle Sam, I mean like actually Uncle Sam with the grey hair and the flag, I mean you. You, you, you the guy, you know you the mechanic, wherever you, I mean you need to do somethin'

[Outro: Asaiah Ziv]
(Doctor Boris
Dial 118 please) Wow
(Doctor Boris dial 1-1-8)
He's beautiful
We should name him Hipsavvy

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