Lupe Fiasco

"Buddy (Rmx)"

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
Now I don't want your number, nor your name, nor a dance
I don't want your time, or your sign, or a chance
Because I'm so cool, I'm so straight
Look I ain't tryna hit, and I don't want no date
Look this point in time, currently on my grind
And I don't want no distractions, yeah you do look fine
And your body is tight, ma, it might be right
But the vice not choosing, maybe Musiq

[Verse 2: Musiq]
Pardon darling, if I alarmed you
I don't mean to bother you I just wanna
Get you to pause and slow your walk so
Maybe we can talk and I can try to charm you
Just tryna find out who you are
I don't mean to come off like a telemarketer
I ain't no hood, no crook, no robber
I just wanna part of your heart I can borrow

[Bridge: Musiq]
(sometimes), and maybe I could call you up (sometimes)
And maybe I can take you out (sometimes)
So let's exchange digits and later arrange visits
Either your place or mine (yeah)
This a different type of committment (yeah)
I'm talking 'bout a true friendship (yeah)
Someone I can depend on
To be down no matter what
Let me know if you with it cause girl

[Hook: Musiq]
It would be fly if you were b-u-d-d-y
Don't be shy, give it a try I could be yours and you could be mine
Now I can't lie it would be fly if you were my b-u-d-d-y
Don't be shy give it a try I could be yours if you could be mine

[Verse 2: Musiq]
Sorry if I come off disrespectful
But my convo is a little bit too sexual
But damn it's incredible be a more flexible
Cause the context, some text is special
But, but, wait, let me explain, a buddy is a equal beneficial arrangement
A buddy is a buddy that don't be complaining
With his or her buddy buddy ain't the buddy the came with



[Breakdown/Verse 3: Musiq]
Ooh ooh oh baby what I'm really tryna say is (that)
The definition of a real buddy is... (that)
She's that one that you can have fun
And ride shotgun through the city with me
Together there's no limit (to what we can do)
And once we in it girl (it's all about me and you)
So baby what you say don't pass this by
Cause if you decide, girl

[Verse 4: Lupe Fiasco]
It's FNF's vice, now you can be ExplainFNF's wife
Or FNF's like, or FNF's in between
But that's were you reside when you ride wit the team
Captain known for dat rappin 'n' tings
Boy he fly without flapping his wings
Boy he high without dragging that green
And purple murder service with a dapper ass lean
Chicago man is were my habitat's been
I don't think that I was born here I think that I was beamed
Furthermore, I think that I was clean
Chose the westside and then started MCing
Signed myself and then marketed me, on your radar now so pardon my ping
Look at your screen tell me what you see
Carrera Lu, truely true, FNF UP

[Hook x2]

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