New Opp lyrics



Yeah, (Let's go)
New Opp In The air
New Opp In The air (yeah)
New Opp In The air
New Opp In The air
New Opp In The air
New Opp In The air (yeah)

[Verse 1]

I get racks every time I wake up (yeah, wake up)
Yeah, pretty much I'm Jeff Bezos (yeah, Bezos)
Yeah, them b*tches all white, them b*tches all mayos (ah)
Yeah, Mexican I'm on my pesos (yeah)
Been up on my racks, these b*tches stick just like they Lego (yeah)
b*tch coming out too fast that's how that bih lego my Eggo (yeah)
Racks too fat (ay ay)
I get a hunnid thousand sitting in this LV Duffle Bag (hunnid)
I can't trust this sh*t ain't tell me had to double back (two time)
b*tch ate my di*k and my balls this b*tch just double gagged (double gagged) (yeah)
Ion even post bout sh*t, I don't even like to brag (like to brag)
Yeah, that pretty b*tch on my di*k, so I got unlimited swag (whoo)
But they really wasn't on my di*k. till I got all of this cash (racks)
b*tch go silly on this di*k, this b*tch done got a rash
In a [?], I just hope I don't crash (yeah)
They get to see it, by the time that I already blast
They boutta see it, why the hell I'm go-going so fast (yeah)
Never got a C, I always been failin' my class
She was suckin' this D, and she turned I'm smackin' that ass (woah)

[Verse 2]
Yeah, tellin' you not no care-are
Yeah, one thing about this life this sh*t not fair-air (count it up)
High as sh*t [?]
I'm in a Tesla Model X, this don't even steer-eer
All of my [eggs?] are really big, they outta here-ere
Uh, I'm sippin' on trish right now
Uh, I sip on a beer-eer (yeah)
Yeah, I been talkin' my sh*t right now
I don't wanna hear sh*t, I don't wanna hear sh*t
You can suck on my di*k right now
And my twizzy gon' pull up we pull up a drug man, he gon' hit right now
New Opp in the air, New opp in the air
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