PINK, Pt. 3 lyrics



Hello? Xanman?
Yeah, what's up, ShootBaby
Huh, hey
HeyShootBaby (Hey, hey)
HeyShootBaby, 2 P in the trunk

2 P in the trunk, 'bout to ship those
I chime in, Panic at the Disco
7.62 out the Drac', I'ma hit those
Truth hurts, let the b*tch sing like I'm Lizzo
Who worse? Nobody
We rob a n*gga to see how he go 'bout it
White plug call me like, "We don't promote violence"
Rob his dumbass, say he racially profilin'
Sign to Plug Music, I'm not tryna co-sign you
I'm tryna school n*ggas
Make you look for me, might pop out and shoot b*tches
Thought the beat was 'bout to come like, "Who did it?"
Finish line choppa, this b*tch came with two kickers
b*tch got a bush on her head, she the new SZA
Turn this b*tch up, Armageddon, no Bruce Willis
Shot a n*gga off his bike, he popped two wheelies
I gotta blast with the chop', I'm the new Jimmy
HeyShootBaby gon' score
My n*gga f*cked up, you get killed for Dior
Sacrifice his daughter like Thanos and Gamora
Caught his ass at the mall, now he scared to leave the store
My dawg sip Wock', he a drinker
I know Chris gon' rock, Madagascar zebra
I got the drop on his ass like a meteor
He only got that gun on the media
Find a n*gga house, onto Wikipedia
Fly a b*tch out, I'm using Expedia
Stand over top a n*gga, I'm devious
We know exact kind of car that you leavin' in
Floyd Mayweather, lil' b*tch, I ain't readin' it
White plug call me like, "Why, good evenin'"
Flush yo' whip 'cause he couldn't put the key in it
My n*gga took off, I don't know the reasonin'
He not the type of n*gga lettin' that gun off
Hit on a b*tch then one of her sons called
She gimve me head, put her hair in a puffball
Migo my man, ain't no Key Glock and Young Dolph
We got low and them P's by the boater
She make it clap, Draco, Soulja
Snake in the grass, cut the head off the Cobra
Bang, bang, bang, I'm the new Eastern Motors
Stick in my hand, I'm the new Master Yoda
My dawg f*cked up, you get killed for a soda
We put the scarf on his face like the Joker
Heard cuz hot and I already told ya
n*gga got hit over the head with a Henny bottle
Might find a Alias, b*tch, I ain't into models
Flash on the Glock, b*tch, it look like a helicopter
My mans was sellin' that water, that dripper dropper
n*gga got hit with the 50, he window shoppin'
We put his ass on the grill, he a chicken popper
Dropped out of school, I got mad, used to hit the lockers
We turn his ass to all bones, turn him into fossils
I got a scope on this chop', [?]
Old b*tch hit me, I might have to kill her father
We took him down for his guns, he got missin' choppas
Shooter with dreads, they callin' him Baby Sada
b*tch in Miami, I'm stayin' in Fort Lauder
I'm psychic, I can see the future like Lori Harvey
Plates all over the hood like Gordon Ramsey
Gorilla, they'll take your kid, you the new Harambe
I go to Philly, we trappin' in front of Poppy's
Never had a B in school, I don't know a Cardi
Choppa go, "Wha? Wha?" I don't know a Carti
60K on AP, I don't own a Carti'
I made this song 'cause I got pink on
I'm like Camron, put the pink mink on
Missy Elliot, your freak on
b*tch at the bar, she gettin' her drink on, bing on, bing on
Ayy, ayy, ayy, stop the beat, stop the beat (Ah, ah, ah)
You f*cked up, you f*cked up (Damn)
I f*cked up again
Ayy, moe, why you on the phone? You throwin' me off, bruh
Hello? Xanman?
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