Adele lyrics



Ayy, ayy, I'm gettin' motherf*ckin' tired of these n*ggas, like
Ayy, I thought— I ain't gon' beef with you, homie, I ain't gon' sweet with you, homie
You got a problem with me, then speak up, n*gga
Damn, I thought we was homies, n*gga, what the f*ck goin' on, n*gga?

This that kill a n*gga if he fake
Ride by his grandmother house with the Drac'
I'm gettin' tired of the mouse and the snakes
Hey, Xan, why you rob him? He tried to forsake me
That's what you get when a n*gga try to play me
I took a ball or somethin', I'm cranky
White plug homie, he say, "Quite frankly"
GTA mission, I'm shootin' like Franklin
Hang out the window like Michael and blank it
I do not f*ck with the chums or the Planktons
Young n*gga crack his ass for high ranking
Smoke him like hotbox, he get to danking
Yeah, white n*ggas want me to rap like Logic
I like hittin' at people apartments
IEP, all my classes retarded
Forty make 'em run track like Thomas
One in the head, the new George Washington
Scope on the chop, it look like an Oculus
He tried to run up, quite the opposite
Don't flash a stick on live like Ja Morant
If crime pays, then he fail
I rob him for fun, I ain't even want the bales
The f*ck I'ma do with a lil'-ass kale?
b*tch, I'm totin' an AA-12
Fifty cal', that's an alien shell
KelTec, call it Kenan & Kel
Couldn't stand up, David Chapelle
Michael Myers, n*gga, plug Michael
Bad baby, I ain't talkin' Danielle
Getaway, need car like a gazelle
Customized bullet attached to a nail
I don't pick sides, I'll beef with Adele
Set fire to the rain with them shells
Rollin' in the deep 'cause n*ggas'll tell
Rollin' in the Jeep, I'm causin' hell
Big dog, I ain't waggin' my tail
G-Wagen on the back of a trail
Hawk a n*gga when I'm drivin' the whales
Good coke, turn black people pale
I feel like Tobey Maguire by the bell
Yeah, I feel like Tobey Maguire by the bell
Could've killed them, n*ggas shot and he fell
I was in the hood, eatin' my nails
n*gga, this sh*t for real
Hate you, baby, just give me a pill
Walk down with that motherf*ckin' drill
Stressed out, you don't know how it feel
Even though rap pay all of my bills
Even though rap take care of my family
Make everybody fall like Andy
So many opps, I'd beef with a planet
Auntie Anne's drank, it's hid in the pantry
Call Cool, he gon' spin like laundry
I meant laundry
I was curvin' a bullet like Wander
He a snake and you vouch for him, you ain't alarm me
At this point, I think you tryna harm me
Now I'ma walk down with that Tommy
I'm not talkin' 'bout Power, ain't talkin' 'bout Ghost
I'm talkin' 'bout Drakein', make 'em do the folks
E-40, get a yep and a nope
Ridin' 'round, forty right in my coat
I know some junkies that never been on a cruise, but somehow they held a boat
I know some n*ggas that never shot a gun, but somehow they want all the smoke
David or Chris, the Drac' make 'em float
Walk down with that motherf*ckin'— uh
I robbed everybody, I burned every bridge in my life, now my whole life toast
Hope a n*gga don't try to come for me when I pull out the Drac' in the coat
Shot a n*gga, spelled his name in blood, literally, I guess murder she wrote
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