Of All the Places lyrics


Allie X

In Victoria, the whales and seals are very appealing
And the mountain peaks of Canmore
Send me right through the ceiling
But of all the places I could be
I'd rather be dealing with day-to-day feelings
With you at home, where I belong

In Saskatoon, they keep you coming with bushels of berries
The canola fields of Winnipeg are like charms of canaries
But of all the places I could be
I don't need the prairies, I'd rather be married
To you at home, whеre I belong

Take my pronto back to Toronto, nothing can keep mе away
From the hustle and bustle of the big blue city and you

In Montreal, the sidewalk is crawling with cultural riches
And Halifax will blow your lid and the fish is delicious
But of all the places I could be
My greatest of wishes is doing the dishes
With you at home where I belong
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