Handouts lyrics



Al Geno on the track

Same n*gga got they hand out--- ain't believe in me back then
Same n*gga got they hand out--- would've left me in them trenches
Same n*gga got they hand out
Same n*gga got they hand out
Same n*gga--- would've got rich and act like they ain't know nobody
Remember I was hungry, now I come through and my motor growling
Same n*ggas got they hand out
Them same n*ggas got they hand out

Wish you could see the blood on these diamonds (Aigh)
He all alone with that love, come and find me (Aigh)
How the f*ck I'ma stop rapping 'bout that lean, that cup was with me every song (Ay)
f*ck that internet, he meet his casket with his chrome
I get in between her like the two o's in boom
I got so damn high, I droppin' ashes on the moon
I just pour that syrup up, I hop in my whip
They can't search me at the club, I brought a Glock in this b*tch
Stay up, all 'em talkin', probably havin' me a moment
My daddy always told me, "Keep yo' eyes and ears open"
How See bangin' red, I still be happy just to see him
I know they after me, them n*ggas know I'm after them
Every n*gga 'round me had to do some time in jail
Keep them cutters like a razor 'cause we tryna dodge Hell, n*gga
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