Blitzo vs. Pico lyrics



Animation vs. Anything!

[Verse 1: Pico]
Way back in 1999, was breaking new grounds
Now in 2022, still breaking Newgrounds
I graduated and you just entered the school grounds
You think you're Tricky but I'm the one killing you, clown
Look, you better can it fool; you lookin' like Cassandra Junior
I'll blam and school ya' with my gang of shooters when I make that AK-POP!
Ain't no motherf*cka stanning Loona
They go, at least, 90% of all the fans that viewed ya'
I see a goth kid; turn off the business shtick
And I'm dropping sicker sh*t than your daughter's syphilis
Tell that dog to listen, sit, shake a paw, then send a hit to her jaw and split the b*tch like her pa's relationships
Now I've just gotta burn some lead to get the crowd Funkin'
This man's known for turnin' heads, so quit the owl f*ckin'!
My trauma ain't half as bad as what's in that head of yours
I thought I saw a real opponent; that's Blitzo-phrenia

[Verse 2: Blitzo]
Okay, first of all, it's Blitz, pipsqueak; don't f*ckin' try it
Like the viewers when this b*tch speaks, the "O" is silent
Now, I may be a demon but your creator is f*cked!
What kind of freak thinks, "Hmm, Columbine's not racist enough!"
You f*ckin' edge lord; that sh*t's like a razor blade
And then when Funkin' blew up, you were too risque to play!
Until NinjaMuffin said, "f*ck it, let's just make him gay!"
Your story, your preference, man, not even your A's are straight!
Aww, you'd think I'd feel bad and comfort you through this?
b*tch! You are an ass-assin!
I don't give two sh*ts!
You used to be badass, quit pandering to kids
Adding thousands of oblivious toddlers to lists
Now I see why your father didn't want ya; took the fast lane
I f*cked your daddy then I'm outtie; that's a flash bang!
You're the virgin version of the chad Piconjo, it's true
I'd tell you to go f*ck yourself, but you probably do
Although you're not who I pegged to try to top me
Like Millie with a strap-on in bed, that takes Moxxie, kid!
So if things don't work out as the officer of your hood school
I'd like to hire you as my personal footstool!

[Verse 3: Pico (Boyfriend)]
Take on this kid from Columbine, I'll stand you all in line
Add an AK-47, a revolver, a .9, A MAC-11 and it oughta solve that problem of mine, and that's your whole group of furries shot up all at one time!
'Cuz I'm PICO!
The one and only! (Go Pico!)
You're a cheap clone of me! (Go Pico!)
Like Fizzarolli, (Go Pico!) you left him behind (Go Pico!) and ran away from the side-show. (Go Pico!)
Now you're second fiddle to (Go Pico!) Hazbin Hotel; (Go Pico!) still in the side show! (Go Pico!)
Sister in rehab; (Go Pico!) Stolas left divorced and depressed. (Go Pico!)
And with your job, I'm losing count (Go Pico!) of all the homes that you've wrecked! (Go Pico!)
Everybody that you've mistreated (Go Pico!) has now scorned you and left! (Go Pico!)
And when you're killed, not a single soul (Go Pico!) will be mourning your death
[Verse 4: Blitzo]
Oh, go cry to your Kickstarter you precious nerd
I'm shocked you didn't add a stretch goal for that second verse!
You should kill yourself... NOW! You cringe ass Nene baby!
Like Darnell, I'm spittin' fire, don't play games with me
Ever since Tankman invaded, your site has tanked, man
Nowadays, you're just some nostalgic hipster's spank bank
Dipsh*t, you wasted my time, I hope you had fun
I'd damn your ginger soul to Hell... if you had one!
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