Glah Glah, Pt. 2 lyrics


Lil Zay Osama

Uh, uh, glah
Gang, gang
Glah, glah, glah
(Damn, Drako, you made this?) Glah, gang, gang

I know a n*gga who got they chain took by they own homies (Come here)
di*kridin', postin' rappers but don't even post they own homies (pus*y-ass n*gga)
I link with the scammers and get high but I make my own money (Glah)
I'm with this gang sh*t damn near 'til I die, gotta keep my gun on me (Gang, gang)
He ain't makin' bro 'nem live, lil' bro 'nem take them live then (Come here)
Who ain't like that? Ask your brother 'bout me, you'll kill fam' (Glah, glah)
Broad day, micro Drac', who that was that slid in? (Rolls)
Catch him, all face, I set an example how we did Bam (f*ck Bam)
Rico took the kit from a n*gga (pus*y-ass n*gga)
Why you tellin' your b*tch to block me? She want di*k from a member (Ah, ah, ah, ah)
They booked Rico for a case and I'm the one who dropped the window (Glah, glah)
I'm the one that was on the Audi dumpin' that fifty 'til it's empty, I influence n*ggas (Until it's empty, n*gga)
I'm the one that took Dre on that hit and let young [?]
Smoked a lot of members, you ain't got hit? You gon' die soon, n*gga (Soon, n*gga)
They ain't really like that, huh?
Get in the County, them n*ggas hoes, they don't even fight back, huh? (They don't fight back, huh?)
Ain't got it on me, you let me leave, I'll be right back, uh (I'll be right back, b*tch)
You know I'm spinnin' again, I'll be right back, huh (I'll be right back, b*tch)
Uh, uh (Gang)
We be slidin' out of CPNs (CPNs)
Face shot, face shot, all my opps make CNN (Come here, grrah)
Even though he killed my homie I'm yellin', "Free that man" (Free that man)
They the type of n*ggas that'll risk it all so you won't see it again, uh (On foenem, kill 'em)
Glah, glah, glah, uh, glah (Gang, gang)
Uh, glah, glah, uh, glah (Go)
Uh, glah, glah-glah-glah (Uh-huh)
Uh, glah, glah-glah-glah, gang
That's what we do when we see the opps (See the opps)
I've been shootin', I was raised on low end like Peter Fox (Glah)
We in traffic with switches and Blackouts, spin the bend, ain't see the block (Come here)
Internet slidin', we hit they sh*t and now they people shot, uh (They people shot)
All these b*tches fans, 2012 b*tches was dumb (Ah), we was slidin' out they vans (Slidin' out they vans)
n*ggas was scared of the gang, they kill theyself and slime out they mans (Come here)
I don't give a f*ck, I focus on opps, you'll never know, I don't show my hand (You'll never know, b*tch)
You'll never know what I got for free, I don't never show my bands (Never)
You'll never know who got smoked 'til [?] and show your mans (Show 'em)
Helicopter over the gang (Twelve), bail out on the block (Brr), everybody ran, huh (Come here)
Glah, glah, glah, glah, glah-glah-glah
Glah, glah, glah-glah-glah, gang (Ah)
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