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K Suave

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[Chorus: K Suave]
... was nothing
Ring around the rosie, I got hoes on me like moley (Damn)
I pop a Perc' and I float (What?)
She called a Lyft so I guess she stamped
She off the molly and all in my pants
Let's make fake love romantic

[Verse: Trippie Redd]
Pour my cup up, pour my cup up
I been cutting up, getting f*cked up, ice crushed up
Got a mansion with a butler, my .40 bust ya
Every day like NASA, we go the f*ck up

[Verse: Kankan]
Ha, take off, yeah, AMG coupe just take off
n*gga, we riding with Dracs, might spray y'all, yeah
n*gga, that K take his face off
These n*ggas
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