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[Intro: KXNG Crooked]
For me?
I wake up early in the morning and pray facing the east side
I don't ask for much because what more can I ask for?
I'm above ground and my life is what I make
I'm just thankful to be alive knowing the cat could've died more than nine times, you know?
Just looking in the mirror
Not for admiration but to recite my daily affirmation
Ain't I hard

[Verse 1: Royce da 5'9"]
b*tches calling me, my phone ringing off the hook
Respect come from admiration to fear
And I don't want nobody admiring me if they soft or shook
Don't try to cook because I already ate
My wife crazy, my house in my name, my sidе chick game
But I must say that my priorities straight
Mind frame, f*ck thеse hoes, get that cash first
My b*tch ironing my sh*t like it's my last shirt
Ain't I, ain't I, ain't I been this fly, every day this sh*t
I just heard the tower to the pilot it's OK he clear
My momma knew I had the skill to be a millionaire
It's crazy how she could instill that in me without having a dollar to her name
With no change, no receipts
She just [?] my teeth and just let that booty be and that was her strategy
I conformed once, that was when the babysitter took my attempted beginning at like ten
Uh, I'm unbreakable even when
I'm standing next to the next man who might bend
I'm on fire, my pride is burnt up to me man
I'm quiet, i'm too turned up to be loud
See i'm a product of my product of the struggle but I'm modest
So I made myself a promise, don't forget what I've become so

I wake up in the morning, prayers go up to God
Glass ceiling got a n**ga looking at the stars
Bout to live a day like it's no tomorrow
Ain't I, ain't I, ain't I, ain't I, ain't I, ain't I hard
So I jump up out the shower, knowing today I ain't about to ball
Only live by the law, whatch you want?
[?] surrounded by all these cars
Ain't I, ain't I, ain't I, ain't I, ain't I, ain't I hard

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
Of course you got to be in the position that I'm in
One size looking like Common, we got nothing in common
My life great, my lawyer the truth, my side chick game
But I must set my priorities straight
Send your girl back inflated...
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