Switch It lyrics


Marky B

[Verse 1: Marky B]
Never used Encro but the life I know
Is a night time show, better come get to know
Wanna hi-fi bro, make your speakers blow
I'm a top notch MC making mad dough
And f*ck the Five-0 I'm up to my nose
In f*cking debts though from cars that I drove
The life that I chose is all that I know
Sell drugs for your nose, is one of those
f*ck VOSA checking the motor
I used to blast bassline on a Motorola
Now I've got my own promoter
And a whip with a chauffeur
Do I know you?
Want SVR on the back of the Rover
Want 10/10s sat down on my boner
Hi darling, I've got haze and stardawg
Got white widow and I've got mimosa

[Verse 2: M.87]
Kickstart, open up and see me raisе it
Nifty 250, smoke and race it
Let's facе it, bizzies won't chase it
'22 plate, no plate can't trace it
Big up all the boys in pen on basic
No I don't graft but you know I still make it
Self employed money, may God save it
Got dough but now I wanna raise it
Let me change it, rearrange it, switch it
Collective banging when I pull up in a sick whip
Hit Greek Street chilling with my sick b*tch
Sipping on c*cktails, lucky that I Fitbit
What you mean? Got a plug in a big district
No legit sh*t, these man are risking
Yo Marky, ring DIDGIT
Got another rhythm, gonna be another sick hit
[Verse 3: Razza]
R-A-Double-Z-A MC
I want a Range and a C63
A 335 and an RS3
I'm the king on the street and they can't match me
I flip the bags, the boys flip the packs
We all get the cash, get mad like Max
Divvy on the tracks, go silly on the Raptors
Big zoot blazed and the boys get mashed
Bad boy grafters, Audis, Mazdas
Money and b*tches won't get past us
Every time I've gotta go divvy on a score
Need more cash to rip the dancefloor
This life I want more, sometimes I get bored
Don't speak too much 'cause you might get chored
Love taking a risk but I ain't been pen
And I did my first graft when I was about 10

[Verse 4: Chippy]
It's me, the microphone teaser
Know that I'm eager to bust up the speaker
Nike ticks on my sneaker, big two-wheeler
I'm too real, there's nobody realer
Big achiever, not no dreamer
Boys spend cash here like a drug dealer
Be a leader, big believer
On the other side the grass is more greener
Winner not a loser, big whip cruiser
Big barrels on a long nose shooter
This one's a boomer, old school like a Supra
It's a remix and f*cked up producer
Often chooser, now we take the Cupra
Jump in a rammer, 7 seat Trooper
Feds in the Cougar, drive the manoeuvre
Got no lights so looks like an Uber
[Verse 5: Fadez]
Who ever knew I would be an MC?
Said it's party time so yo pass me a key
Baddie on my left wanna f*ck with a G
Said a real game bird the way she chokes on D look
It's a Bradford thing that I get on the mic and shell this ting
A real charva with a keeper ring
Now hit my line when the packs come in
Bradford city, run from the kitties
Porky pies when I talk to the piggies
SATC they be my killies
Gotta grind for this cash but we're racking this Lizzie
We're little bast*rds, DIDGIT on a Raptor
GTD, I ain't talking of Astras
Smoke on the tyres that's burnt like a rasta
AJ Tracey live with the pasta
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