Sayless (snippet) lyrics


Izaya Tiji

I'm so fishy, baby get back
You might get splashed, you might get whacked
A15, yeah that's a choppa
T up off the X, then I just crash
n*gga so green, jugg him out the gat
I pop a bean, can't pop a flat
Mac10 n*gga, leave him relaxed
I get so high, can't feel the stress
Look at your b*tch, breakin' her back
Nah lil' n*gga, I don't mean to flex
That's why I hit it, she just want sex
n*gga want smoke, yeah say less
Yeah say less, yeah say less
n*gga want smoke, n*gga want smoke
Yeah say less
Just say less, just say less
Just say less, just say less
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