Day 1 Freestyle lyrics



(Shout out my n****a JoJo I love you n****a)
Aww sh*t this finna be the one man
Shout out my n****a sosa
Shout out to the n****a sosa
Shout to my n-
Shout to my homegirl Kamire
Shout to my homegirl Tay Tay
You already know lets get into it
Verse 1
Im just high rappin this sh*t man this sh*t crazy, 7 years me and sosa been homies that sh*t brazy.Me and sosa we gon be rich and gon have some APś. Me and my n*ggas tryna b rich we not tryna have no babies
Lets get started n*gga, Me and Sosa we be rapping and go tarted n*gga, and I got Tay she gon aim it at yo target n*gga. Kamire over there turnt up run up on me get burnt up. I got Sosa in the back he ready over there to burn sum
Sosaś Part
Get yo money and tore sum
Told the homie n*gga he better bring the blower bro
Told her to get the f*ck out you a little stupid hoe
Shout my n*gga Say So he a real n*gga
And I love you ill really kill sum for u n*gga
Smack that b*tch cuz she was playin with my funds
b*tch gimmie my gun
Finna f*ck this hoe im bouta have fun n*gga
He a fag he eat a hot dog with no buns n*gga
Really in the trenches
Yeah do this sh*t for fun n*gga
f*ck you mean
Do this sh*t for fun n*gga
Shout my homegirl Marie
Shout out Tay Tay
Shout out my n*gga Say So
Shout out my lil n*gga zay
Im bouta hop back on this b*tch
She saw me swipin I smacked the hoe cuz she tried to snitch
Go f*ck with my n*gga Say So Von diss
Yeah, Von diss
Go f*ck with my n*gga Say Von diss
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