M.E.M 2 Jacksonville lyrics



[Intro: SpotEmGottem]
(Tay Keith, f*ck these n*ggas up)
Ha, ha
(And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it)

[Verse 1: BlocBoy JB]
We gon' ride to this
Where you n*ggas going? You can't hide from this
They call it quits
Pillow talk to the b*tch, but we gon' call a hit
Dirty stick
Thirty-three can't miss, ayy, we gon' knock your sh*t
Still remember them days when I was broke without a pot to p*ss

[Verse 2: SpotEmGottem]
Just me and my Glock right here
Hold on, yeah, I spot an opp right here
Ain't no n*gga I fear
He died, his brother died, they out of here
Catch up with my car
I don't know why they wanna be opps
His set out there got put on Fox
That ain't nothin' but another body on thе Glock

[Verse 3: BlocBoy JB]
Goran Dragić pocket rocket, b*tch, I got the hеat on me
I just caught my opp, that new body got a sleep on it
I creeped on it
Walk down gang, we killed the big homie
Five shots left in this Glock, but it got a stick on it
[Verse 4: SpotEmGottem]
Stop the car, let me hop out, I done hit his big homie
n*gga right here sweet, foenem said just put the b*tch on him
Paraplegic, bro, he paralyzed and sh*t
I'll bounce out with a fifth
Hold on, put him on his di*k

[Verse 5: BlocBoy JB]
I just got the b*tch to put me on a lick
She said the n*gga got four hundred K and meet up at 'bout six
Put a bump stock on the Glock, but still I'll never ever switch
Who the f*ck told these young n*ggas that they out here runnin' sh*t?

[Verse 6: SpotEmGottem]
Kill a n*gga ass if he the opposite
She died 'cause she was on opper sh*t
Bought a hundred in jewelry, uh, no type, quit to block a b*tch
SRT, hit the gas, turn this b*tch, and watch it drip (Ooh)
I spot an opp right here (Right here)
I spot an opp right here (Right here)

[Verse 7: BlocBoy JB]
It's not an opp out here
That a n*gga fear
Smokin' dead guys while I'm driving, I can't even steer
I be blinding, all my diamonds hit like a chandelier
Reach for one of my chains, I bet I'll make a n*gga disappear
[Verse 8: SpotEmGottem]
Belaire and Moët (Moët), she gon' give me more sex (More sex)
She like Casamigos, di*k have her bow legged (di*k have her bow legged)
Bullets pierce his skin, aim all at his forehead (Ooh)
Murder in his adlibs, just listen to what he said (Listen to what he said, listen to what he said, listen to what he said)

[Outro: SpotEmGottem]
Murder in his adlibs, just listen to what he said
Murder in his adlibs, just listen to what he said
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