The Come Up lyrics


Yxng Dave

It's the drill, baby

[Verse: Yxng Dave, Bryn, S-X]
Coast man know that I'm back now (Grr)
One shot, make a boy tap out, back out
Up now so I can't back down, rack now
Bust that off like the Migos (Grr)
Free spot, UK [?]
Back again, I'm a psycho (What?)
My tea's gone cold like [?] (Ha)
Summer time with the bros like [?]
Don't wanna bae, can't hold that title (Uh)
Juicy turn heads, went viral
BrynBP is your favourite idol
Dave and Sam bustin' moves like Michael
Spin like an old vinyl (Spin like an old vinyl)
So glad that I came up (Hey)
And I still got my day ones with me, I could not change up (No, no)
I had some doubters for a minute, don't need fake love around me
They don't beat down for a sec
But I get straighter, oh-oh (Aye, yeah)
So glad that I came up
Remember them days I was fed up?
Now I'm on top of the game
I see everything from a third eye
They never believed in the vision
They wanna be part of the mission
It's the reason why I'm driven
We spinnin' people like friction
Look at the eyes and it's glistenin', yeah
Yo, so glad that I came up, way up
I got success on my mental (Aye)
At times it gets mental (Yeah)
I put in emotions and instrumentals (-trumental)
I'm makin' my bread up
He says he is next up, we do not know you
You could never check us
[?], sitting behind me (Yeah)
I got the wolf on my necklace
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[Outro: Bryn]
This is how we made it
This is how we made it
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