God Did lyrics



I done did
Yeah, whattt
Yo !
n*gga i done did
(God Did)

Almost signed a contract, was a done deal
Daddy said “be careful with the pen”
Boy you gotta look deep, so you will never sign a dumb deal

My shots filled with gin, tell my spirit “lemme please”
Down to my stomach, i just pray my daddy Rest in Peace
Got enough recipes ? Now I’m cooking all these n*ggas
Game is chess, now watch me get the piece !

And those nights that i was scared to p*ss?
Cos in that dark, you don’t see light.. but i was wrong cos im the light.. n*gga
And now n*ggas wanna dare to p*ss
Trust me i call the shots… and nahh I’ll never darе to miss

Lost my goggles, they said maybe hе was septic
I wanna believe sh*t is real, but nah im just a little skeptic
Life taking it so hard, ain’t no doubts it truly sucks
My demons ain’t left me
They in the corner of my room doing drugs
I think about the times i was naive and sh*t
They said we’d never make it even if we bang the streets
Last n*gga in front of my face, man i banged his teeth
Too many talks, Maroni bout to spit !!
Had to spill it

How do we grow, they all are users, no they never paid us
They shut us down and made us bow, they always underrate us
I break the spell, f*ck the n*ggas.. all the sh*tty invaders
But I’m a rebel, tryna put my hommies on the radars-soon they’ll rate us

Still God did
God did
God did

God really did
God is doing
God will do

Welcome To Milan
Ko ma po l’eti yin pe ko ni da fun eni ti o ni da fun

God did, God will still do
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