Veneer lyrics



I don't let my past impact me. Thinking bout it justs distracts me
Never leave my office cause my wife and kids just love to nag me
Interaction no longer attracts me. I'm an engineer so
I've lived to learn that code's the only thing that will not attack me
Tech and code are like my second mode of living life
The television shows I watch have given mine protective nodes
They depict the life I want to live, but record shows
I'm making way more money sitting & watching news segments, though

I don't need anti-depressants
They don't make life pleasant
All they do suppress my presence
My own health is truly irrelevant
I own a company. My whole
Position is eminent
My whole position as president
And as the owner shows off that I'm truly intelligent
Look at my regiment. It is so elegant
Some call me humble and some call me heaven-sent

Hard to stand out like an elephant
Kidding! I love it. I'm truly just pleasant in element
People say I'm an oddity enveloped in
This whole celebrant persona & delegate
They say my tegument holds up what's resonant
What I should truly show off. What's not elegant
What is redolent of the person that I was years ago
You know that I'm not accepting it
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