Three Chambers lyrics



[Verse 1: 420 Haze]
Well well well
Here ye here ye the king in this b*tch
Boy get me thy throne I'm here to run this b*tch
New age Luis Blanco I'm bout to blow up and sh*t
ETA on when to blow up you know the timing is rich
See that was a sick bar but most of y'all won't get it
Broski please check the bags and get me a light for this Stick
I'm Laying big bricks they prolly think I'm playing Tetris
Mind open but lil shawty knocked the brains
Out of it
Me swear she only here for the chills well guess what's next
Yeah I'm bad yeah I'm bad
I don't еven got Netflix
I'm a liar welcomе to my web I'm Mr Spider
Eight legged fiend demon being save a prayer
f*ck pills and lean give me weed I like it herbal
f*ck who you is I'm living free like a Nomad
Moving smoothly wholly truly
You know the sh*t I be on groovy
Yeah you know me think you seen me
Damn my life really a movie
Yippy Kayee motherf*cker let me show you these ropes
Yeah Karma's a real b*tch I know she gon come round for more
The loud in my pocket want scream at whoever at the door
Hot session in a hot box now homie who want

[Verse 2: ill Bars]
I don't feel pressure
Ahead of my time, Nikola Tesla
Sippin' on whatever
n*ggas say whatever
I'm tryna make it rain this is nothing 'bout the weather
I turn sh*t around, it wasn't no lever
Its levels to this sh*t, I'm on the upper level
I'm hot like could I have a dance with the devil
I can't stop till its no blood in my vessels huh
All my n*ggas packed no lunch bags
These n*ggas ride wave without a bus pass
sh*t I got enough wave for my own ships
And I got enough gas for my road trips
And I got enough stomach for the crap talk
It's not enough numbers if the rap talks
I can't walk I'm tryna run things
Y'all spend the right times doing wrong things
Petroleum gas money boy I want things
That's old man thinking for a young man
That's old men money for a young man
That's too much money for the young

[Verse 3: Dennis Gaimion]
Haze in the air it's 4/20 in the building
n*ggas got bars but I'm ill and
They know I got the sauce I am the seasoning
This is my rap class pretty little children
Check two check two now let me begin
It takes a pretty smart cat just to stack as they age
It takes a pretty long time just to build up some leverage
Then you see these pretty little b*tches getting that with cleavage
Just ludicrous
We living in a village
Drug addicts, jobs are scarce, high costs of living
Our system got no system so we try to finesse it
Finesse finesses stress so we feel less dense yes
You can never flex on me boy that's just pretense
I'm way past that
Hellcats and Lexus everyday I manifest
Three commas in my account Lord I manifest
Rich people problems like I'm Mr Manifest
I was born to be in a certain tax bracket
Hope you understand that
All you do is pickpocket boy we don't feel that
I'm more hands on with my hustle
No pen just paper
Spit facts no printer
Flows flow like water
Stay fly no feather
I'm really bout that
I done seen so much clout sh*t in the industry that's why artist growth be unsteady
Like a zig zag
I'm coming for number one so y'all cats better step back
This is Gaimionsrevenge I'm tryna get my get back
Doing 360s on the road the come up scary like six flags
360s on the road the come up
Me nuh fit die fi give politician ina the motherland
Bigger dreams we dey seek pon the Nebula
Silver spoon naa nuh we be hustlers
Bona fide hustler certified hustlers
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