Voice Memo 2 lyrics



[Chaeyoung, Sana, Both]
“ONCE and I finally realized how we felt about each other. I'm so happy!
- Chaeyoung! You must be so happy, it’s such a great happiness to love somebody.
- Right! And to like somebody who likes me is as same as miracle.
- I totally agree with you! In this world with 7 billion people, the chances are really small to have same feeling with one person.
- Wow! You saying that facts! It really is a miracle to have same feelings to each other.
- It will be so happy to be with ONCE all day long. You must want to meet ONCE now!
- I really want to stay together with ONCE all the time. I miss ONCE evеn now.
- ONCE must be happy, you always think of ONCE.
- I'm most happier person to bе with ONCE.
- Oh my God! I can't stand this, but I am really happy for you!
언젠간 나에게도 사랑이 올까?”
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