New Horizon (Demo) lyrics



[Intro: RJLDiablo]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse: RJLDiablo]
If I ever pull up, I'ma get ya, b*tch
When I pull up with the shotty I'ma stress ya, b*tch (b*tch)
They all talk sh*t 'cause I'm next up, b*tch
I might lose her, ain't no Lex, uh, b*tch (I'm Lex Luthor)
When I catch an opp, boy, they finna get smoked (Smoked, phew)
Smokin' on my kush in a bush, smoke a toke (Smoke a, smoke a toke)
I don't f*ck with you or anyone you know (Know, know, beep)
I'm on Planet Goof 'cause Earth 'boutta explode ('Plode, 'plode, 'plode, yeah, yeah)
And I be a bully (Bully, phew) with my icеd out diamonds (Ice, uh)
Go across the city (City, ooh) to my brand-new island (Island, ooh)
Yеah, I get the guap, f*ck a cop and their family
Yeah, I make a lot, laser dot, f*ck humanity (Ayy)
I prayed to God and I hoped for a miracle (Yeah)
f*ck up on a b*tch like I'm f*ckin' Pyrocynical (Woah)
It's literal, I remember when I used to be lyrical (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Then I got experimental, I don't f*ck with children, no
But that's what they think about RJ from the South (Chyeah)
Catch and opp run out, run out, run out, in and out
Raëlism Cataclysm, smoke a motherf*cker, yeah
RJ, RJ, RJ, RJ, RJ, RJ (Yeah)
And I made it right now (Pop, yeah)
And I'm waiting for the paycheck right now (Uh, yeah)
And I made it right now (Pop, b*tch)
Cody asked for a verse so I'll write it right down, uh
[Outro: RJLDiablo & Ray J]
Sipping on my limbeck, crawl like an insect
R.J. Diablo, man, you know what it is
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