Doctor House in the House lyrics


Hugh Laurie

[Verse: Lin Manuel Miranda(as Alvie Alvarez) & Hugh Laurie(as Dr. Greg House)]
Uh, yeah welcome to Mayfield where the day feels long
We act strong be there gotta be something wrong
See we got hidden talents, you don't see hidden secrets
If we could show you those... uh uh uh if we could show you those
Than we wouldn't have no regrets
Wanna know my secrets? Sit back and let me explain it
My pops split, momma got sick, cliché, ain't it?
Now I'm a manic Hispanic, I'm trynna make it work
But the doctors think I'm lazy And my roommate is a j*rk
Dr. House is in the house y'all, give it up for Dr. House to the stage yo
Uh, paging Dr. House to the stage y'all (uh-uh)
Are you there Dr. House? It's on, (uh-uh) bring it on
Uh yeah, who's coming to the stage y'all?
Uh it's Dr. House on the remix, Dr. House on the remix
Yah, yah, yah, yah, yah
They say to take they pills, they say don't be a creep
But how can I get better... I can't get no sleep
You gotta think before you act, in order to progress
You don't make connections, than your whole life is a mess
Hahaha, (uh-uh) yeah so tell me doctor, what I really gotta know
How do I get better? Just do a talent show
Oh, well I guess I'm just a mess, yeah preach it to me brother
A life of recklessness but at least we have eachother
Oh we got eachother, oh we got eachother (Yeah!)
Like two brothers(Yeah!) from another(Yeah!) mother (Yeah!)
Duck and run for cover
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