Don’t Panic lyrics


Jdot Breezy

(Thanks Yakree)

Look, this how I'm goin we gon' send a bait car, Tell him slide past the block a n*gga Audi getting shot
Got these dracos in the car, boy this sh*t finna get hot
I feel bad for who we catch cause we comin wit' alot (boom, boom, boom)
Cased closed, K holes all through a n*gga top (b*tch)
Boy we heard about that trapper, made a n*gga close shop
Get up on a n*gga quick, he ain't see me leave the car
n*gga know that speed kill, can't hit em feet and that's a dot
Boy that drac' sound like thunder, told the driver don't panic I'm finna swing this f*ckin door, when I get back be ready
Blame himself for his death, that opp sh*t, he said it
n*gga know we gon' step, come through, we ready (b*tch)
Big chop, Big funds, these Glocks got drums
He lack, We shot, Man down, They run
Shoot a n*gga in his back and clip his muhf*ckin' lung
If you a muhf*ckin' rat you need to cut your damn tounge
I think a opp talkin' to me, I got ~egh~ in my lung
Told that opp stay off that block, He still went, that n*gga dumb (Stupid)
Still gon' suck it till she can't no more and make a n*gga c*m
That weren't sh*t, bro sent that hollow tip and stuck him like some gum
Imma rock out bout' my brother b*tch n*gga what you want do? (Woo)
Why the f*ck that n*gga dissing, boy he ran up on you
You, you see me all black runnin' down, is you gon' shoot?
I could hit a n*gga from a distance if I want to
But nah, I prefer close range, n*gga say he caught me lackin', next day got stained (Dumbass)
We don't do no f*ckin' drive by's, boy its finna rain
Imma get first ups, b*tch I'm finna go insane
Imma make a n*gga die for sayin my brother name in vain
Rap cappin bout' them hats, man that n*gga ass lame (pus*y)
Get yo ass taxed, it ain't no running I got aim (Busta)
You f*ck him and yo muhf*ckin' gang (f*ck it)
n*ggas getting stepped on, eeny meeny miny moe
Spot a opp and grab the Glock and let that muhf*cka' blow
Now that lead flyin, I see dead bodies on the floor
Coroners pick him up, that n*gga eye ball on a roll
Huh, now you miss your mans, n*gga you can't get him back
n*gga take my brother, we gon' slide through and get em back
n*ggas they be hoes, like some pus*y, we gon' get em whacked
Smoking on this cookie, I'm on brooklyn, where you n*ggas at?

Raloway sh*t n*gga
n*gga know how we f*cking rocking man
Long live the guys, Long Live Lil JohnJohn, man
Long live Luh Leeke man, n*gga know how we f*ckin' rockin' man, Long Live Ralo, Long Live all the guys n*gga
f*ck a n*gga, you speak down on the gang, n*gga you gon' get hit wit' that gang n*gga and that's on the set
You know I be f*ckin' rockin' man, I ain't gotta, yuh, huh
Gang sh*t n*gga
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