Top 10 cows lyrics



Hi guys today we're gonna be looking at top 10 cows
This one number i mean this one at number 10 i like this one
Its f*cking hilarious and so f*cking funny
Look at this dumb b*tch i mean amazing cow

Now we have uh number 8 uh 9 number 9 number 9 number 9
Uh we have this cow its amazing and funny too

And this one is cool too now we have this cow
Its niceeeeeee and amazinggggggggg
And funny and great and loving and caring and nice and kind and sweet

Yea and now we have this other one its a f*cking b*tch
If i ever see this cow in real life im going to f*cking punch him
In his forehead and slap him while saying
Boi boi boi boi boi
Im gonna do that to his f*cking forehead
Ugly f*cking cow stupid f*cking b*tch of a cow dumb b*tch of a f*cking cow
f*ck this cow

And now we have this other cow and this ones amazing
This is my favorite cow its the nicest cow of all time
And the nicest cow and the best cow so i like this cow
Cause hes nice and the best cow

And if you think this is a joke it isnt because we have this other cow
And hes also great and amazing and sweet and kind and nice and loving and caring
[inaudible] and hes the best one
And thank you guys for coming to my top 10 cows it means a lot thank you!

Why do i do this
(more crying)
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