"Face 2 Face (Intro)"

[Hook 1: Cassidy (High Pitched)]
I don't like you, and you don't like me
So we should go at it and battle for the right fee
I know it's some things that seem unlikely
But it is some battles I would like to see

[Hook 2: Cassidy]
You already know, that this a n*gga, don't go on the radio
Battle me face to face
Don't go on the internet, talking all indirect
Battle me face to face
Instead of making diss songs, I'd rather make hit songs
Battle me face to face
You gotta earn your respect man and let's see who the best man
Battle me face to face

[Hook 1]

[Verse 1: Cassidy]
Me, I spit sick and it ain't no remedy n*gga
So I'm a threat to the rest of these industry n*ggas
I could make you a memory n*gga
My TEC-9'll blow your mind Like John F. Kennedy n*gga
I'm a goon, not a finicky n*gga, I pulled plenty of triggers
My gun blow like Yosemite n*gga
I never been a pretend to be n*gga, coming up when I was young
I was buck, like that Tennessee n*gga
I ain't trying to make no enemies n*gga
But I figure y'all ain't the dudes y'all claim to be, y'all dudes lame to me
The game ain't the same to me and it's plain to see
Who you think would win if Diddy battled Jermaine Dupri
Or Jazze Pha and Mannie Fresh went at it
Your man Will.I.Am and Wyclef went at it
Just imagine if the Ghost and the Chef went at it
Or Redman and your man Meth went at it, dramatic
Man I'd pay to see that yo, another good battle would be Rick Ross and Fat Joe
I wanna see Foxy battle Lil Kim again
Drake battle Kanye, and Wayne battle Eminem
I wanna see Dr. Dre battle Timbaland
The Clipse verse Chris and Neef, Pharrell verse Swizz Beatz
I wanna see Beans and Kiss catch wreck again
And see Jay-Z battle Nas or DMX again
Like wrestling, rappers talk dumb greasy
I'd like to see Gucci go at it with Young Jeezy
Tip and Ludacris should go next,
Game should battle Styles P and Common should battle Mos Def
You know what else would be dumb hot
Juiceman verse Plies and Young Dro verse Young Joc
I wish we could see Trina battle Eve E
But Mobb Deep verse M.O.P. what I need to see
Twista and Krayzie Bone battle would be f*cking fast
What if Capone-N-Noreaga battle Kurupt and Daz
Lil Flip and Slim Thug would be a nice move
But I'd rather see Ice-T and Ice Cube
Cam and Mase would go at it like straight savages
Another good battle would be Juelz and Fabolous
But the next one, gotta be the best one
The next one should be Rakim and KRS-One
That'd be wonderful, I wonder who'd win that
I know my fans wondering where the f*ck I'd done been at
I took a rest, but came back like I never left
We all gon' parish, you gotta cherish every breath
That's why I wish 2Pac and Big never left
I'm not kidding man, that game it'd be a lot different
But I'm in love with hip-hop, I can't stop spitting
Stop sh*tting on other cats with the raps I got written
Take a stand man, stop tripping
If you can't take the heat, then get your ass out the hot kitchen
Cass not slipping, you already know
But you sound weak like an alarm clock radio
Every flow I'm like, on your mark, ready, set, go
I run all over tracks, you cats not ready though
I stay on my job like I was from Mexico
No I'm not Mexican, but I'm a red specimen
I'm better then the best of them, I'm better then all the rest of them
But if you think you better, by mind come test me then

[Hook 2]

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