"Manny Vs Floyd"

[Produced By BishopMakeItKnock]

Who the world wanna see fight? (Manny! Floyd!)
Got the fans on their feet like (Manny! Floyd!)
Anticipation got the streets like (Manny! Floyd!)
(Manny! Floyd! Manny! Floyd!)
Who you think gone get the win? (Manny! Floyd!)
My man PacMan get it in (Manny! Floyd!)
My boy Floyd been in the gym (Manny! Floyd!)
(Manny! Floyd! Manny! Floyd!)

[Verse 1]
Miss me with all that talking bout Mayweather
Manny way better, but Mayweather pay better
Sixty forty, still getting paid cheddar
But Floyd never been beat, never say never
Miss me with all that talking bout PacMan
Don’t hate on that man, well he need to pay that taxman
They brought a [?] from overseas to America
To train with a trainer that got Parkinson’s disease?
Please, Floyd’s pop is a walking addict
Disappeared from his corner, I ain’t talking magic
And don’t get me started on Roger
Don’t talk about his uncle, don’t talk about his father
Let’s talk about voodoo and Pacquiao’s mama
Let’s talk abou Floyd tryna read a teleprompter
He pull lots of cash out
Manny ain’t recover since Marquez knocked his ass out
That n*gga don’t be thinking in the ring
Floyd beat Marquez and Marquez had Manny planking in the ring
Yeah yeah you right, but Floyd’s fights hand-picked though
He stupid rich, so? Nelly took his b*tch bro
Just know he f*cked the b*tch first though
You love money more than a b*tch, they take it personal
Forget the personals, n*gga what you betting on it
I’ll bet whatever on it, then bet it all


[Verse 2]
Look, with Manny you get politics, health care, scholarships
With Floyd you get money, jewelry, Bugatti whips
He on some c*cky sh*t, ask him who he riding with
Seen TI and his pride he done swallowed it
You wasn’t there so don’t even acknowledge it
Man don’t blame me, blame TMZ for blogging it
Wasn’t your boy Floyd just in the bing
Wasn’t your man PacMan just tryna sing
And he won’t pass a drug test
He on them ‘roids, that’s why his ass scared to take a blood test
The money team the real top ring n*ggas
Bob gave him his first check, why not thank n*ggas
Yeah f*cking right, forty percent against Floyd worth more than 100 in any other fight
You right, he getting paid cheddar
But ask the strip clubs about fake money Mayweather
I had to laugh at that funny scene
You already know he got money, that’s the money team
No the funny scene is when he came to the game in some cowboy boots and them funny jeans
Yeah that’s not my style
But to make my n*gga’s jacket and shoes they had to use two crocodiles
You don’t see how the bull live, you could fit everybody from the Philippines in the bull’s crib


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