"We Working"

[Intro: Cassidy]
I go by the name of Cassidy the hustler
And I got my boy Chubby Swag Jag with me
Larsiny family, and we always on our job man, we workin'

[Hook: Cassidy]
I got my blunt up in my hand, guapo on my brain
Couple ounces in the duffle, I got those for my gang
Hear me we workin', workin', workin', workin'
Real n*ggas, yup, we workin', workin', workin', workin'
Hear me, hear me, hear me, I be on my good
I know the hoods, and they know me
I keep off man, boss man, Mr. J.O.B
Hear me we workin', workin', workin', workin'
Somebody let them know we workin', workin', workin', workin'
Oh yeah we workin', workin', workin', workin'

[Verse 1: Cassidy]
I'm quick to choke, I hit the smoke
And cough like people that catch a cold
I just left the stove, cooking rock
It look like the snot in a messy nose
We Eskimos, my chest is cold
And my neck is cold cause my necklace froze
Messy hoes, I can't mess with those
If I mess with hoes, then they sexy hoes
The bezzy glows, I'm making money
Try to take it from me, that Dezzy blows
You already know what my life like n*gga
Hey, you ready to go night night n*gga
Both my left and my right nice n*gga
I whip your ass like this fight night n*gga
I'm a boxer, that wear boxers
But you on my c*ck like them tight whites n*gga
You only trap on the mic type n*gga
Never sold that crack in real life type n*gga
I call the squad, they all arrive, and you horrified like this fright night n*gga
You ain't never been hard in your life type n*gga
You the type that like your clothes tight tight n*gga
I'm a type of n*gga that's gonna ride
I'm always working, I'm on my job
I got to working, I'm doing my job
How much is you buying boy
You know how it work when you got that work that they be dying for
I'll be in my back, I'll be spazzing, I'll be murking
Every person I'll be rapping on the track with cause I'm working


[Verse 2: Chubby Jag]
Look chumpy I'm for certain bout killing, bring the curtains out
Funny how my reputation boosting, who they churpin' 'bout?
We wavy home, we surfing out
We broke then we lurking out
Yeah that b*tch that working bend, tell her it ain't working out
Know we got that kush on deck, prices high I might go higher
Can't deal with no snitch, I aim those clips, cause I don't like no wire
All that grillin' just gonna get you wet, so please don't light no fire
You gassing up, we masking up
Jason F, Michael Meyers
Grinding cause we broke, not cause want to, it's what we have to do
All about a mill, swear I eat like I don't have to chew
And I know all about head, I get a lot, I cracked a few
Call me Daddy Bars, I'm on that sun sh*t, that Macadoo
Oh you said you broke, I just hope that you ain't lying ho
We know all that moola ain't worth the price of you dying ho
Understand our pain, yeah we from the slum we hurting
Yeah we swertin', ain't no faking home my apron on we workin'


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